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Name: Veles Harkov

Age: 21

Race: SuperHuman (Demon Contractor)

One of the few cases of a contract with a Level 5 demon, Veles was originally a simple human male. However, he became bonded with a demon named Laelia, or Lady of the Lake. Laelia’s case is remarkable, as she used to be an angel, yet she fell into demonhood, but not willingly. She wanted to escape Hell, to go back to the Human Realm, yet she was bound to Hell. Thus, she formed a contract with a young street urchin who knew the truth about this world.

Sex: Male

Character Theme song: TBA

Appearance: He has completely white hair which is clipped short, meaning it only goes to the collar of his shirt. He usually wears a flak jacket, which is knee-length, yet tied around at his torso to prevent it from bellowing (too much). He always wears a set of black pants reinforced by Kevlar, with hardened layered polyester armor at his knees. After his death and rebirth, he has become 5'11" tall, about average height. On his right arm, there's a design of lines, circles and pentagrams. This is his contract, which is only visible if his sleeve is ripped off. He always has on a special necklace called "Innocence". It is a cross, and when he summons his sword, it's... not exactly a normal weapon. The blade is a thin one, almost like a rapier, but it seems to be unbreakable. It's an elegant design, made from Unholy Gold, which is not considered 'normal' since the weapon only hurts humans and angels. If he wills it, it can also change into a scythe, shaped like it is organic, with a small grip three quarters of the way down the shaft the base to spin it.

Eye Color: Silver (red with slitted pupils when he uses Laelia’s power)

Weight: 62.5 kilos

Height: 177.8 cm

History: He was born in a small village in Russia, where he was raised as a Catholic. He was an ordinary farmer, in the rural areas of Russia, freezing his ass off every winter. He was only 4 when his parents were killed by a demon... and then it turned to him. The demon first growled, staring into his eyes… but then retreated for a strange reason. However, he would soon discover that reason.

A few weeks later, he was a street urchin, stealing to survive, until he was abducted. He found out that a powerful demon (Laelia) needed a host, and apparently because his family has a history of demon contracts, he was chosen as a host who is powerful enough to contain the sheer amount of demonic energy that Laelia possesses. In not even an hour, it was over. He became a host of a very powerful demon. At first, Laelia tried to control his body, but the two of them worked out an agreement involving Veles oftentimes having to sacrifice a demon or two.

Ever since then, he's traveled throughout the world, slaying demons with his power. As he killed demons, he gained power and experience, also gaining enough of a reputation that the angels took an interest in him. One of them gifted him with "Innocence", a sword that... has an aura of unbalanced power. Innocence usually looks like a thin rapier with a notched blade, but at times can change into a scythe-like weapon. This lead to his nickname of the ‘Black Joker’. His sword seemed to be able to swing either way, but remained neutral most of the time, as if it was made from steel or iron. He recently made his way to North America, always moving. He’s completely based around a simple principle: ‘If someone needs his help, he will help them’. This often leads to trouble, since he’s too honest and open as soon as he knows someone isn’t a demon.

He discovered that Laelia has a lot of skill at gambling, which led him to many casinos and gambling dens, building his fortune from a few simple dollars. He’s gotten quite into gambling, often using Laelia’s ability, but not cheating once. This has led to many casino-owning demons to try to kill him, simply due to the fact that he’s walking off with almost all their money. He’s made enemies in a lot of casinos, and because of that, he’s mastered disguises in order to go through the world without being attacked by demons every few seconds.

Personality: Whenever he meets people, he never trusts them. He always thinks everyone's a demon, so when they turn out to really be a demon, he's not surprised. When he does get to know someone is not a demon, he's very open with them, telling them everything about himself. To his friends, he is willing to do anything to protect them, even if he has to sacrifice his own life (although Laelia would not agree to him sacrificing his life for friends). He’s the honest type, not believing in back-stabbing (again, Laelia would disagree), which leads to him often arguing with Laelia about how to deal with a problem. He doesn't want to get caught up with any of the factions, instead acting neutral. He only attacks the factions if they attack him or if they attack an innocent person.

Weapons: He wears a necklace called "Innocence", which changes into sword created from the most abominable metal. This sword (or it’s scythe form) is extremely dangerous, burning the flesh of angels as it is made from Unholy Gold.

Abilities: He has superhuman agility and strength, due to being born a Superhuman. He also possesses what he calls a ‘Sin’, a weapon that is created from his right arm, which seems like molten metal, but it is actually a physical materialisation of Laelia’s demonic energy. It has the ability to return to the palm of his right hand every time he throws it. This ability is completely based around killing demons, being unable to hurt angels. Finally, he also has the ability to create an armour over his clothes, which is skin-tight and almost like an insect’s shell.

Weaknesses: His arm needs a lot of concentration, since it requires his concentration to form Sin. He has all the weaknesses of a human, since he is a human. He can be hurt, he can be killed. If he becomes separated from the powers of Laelia, his power and speed decrease dramatically. Some days, Laelia might act selfish, and not lend him her power (it’s completely random). He also can be hurt by anything holy, although not to the degree of demons. He is still hurt, but less severely. Finally, he can only use Laelia’s power for two hours a day, either separate times or all at once.

STATS: (Veles)
Strength: 6/10
Speed: 8/10
Stamina: 7/10
Agility: 9/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Healing: 1/10

STATS: (Laelia)
Strength: 9/10
Speed: 9/10
Stamina: 8/10
Agility: 8/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Healing: 8/10
An OC I made.
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Tolyya was born in a small village in Russia and is also Catholic :iconlawooplz:
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