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Profile pic was made through Rinmaru Games, if anyone was interested. Cause I can't draw...
Manufacturer: Rendili/Vanjervalis Drive Yards

Product Line: Heavy Gunship

Model: Reaper II Military Version - A rather strange looking ship, although certainly heavily armed. The main pod is about 8 metres long, containing the cockpit as well as an armory. Two circular wings extend outwards on either side, about 15 metres long. These contain the main weaponry of the ship, except for the four plasma cannons, which are mounted on the main pod. The back section of the main pod can be used as an escape pod, in case of emergencies.

Class: Heavy Gunship

Cost: 1,300,000 credits, not available to civilians.

Length: 24 metres long

Maximum Acceleration: 4,000

MGLT: 140

Engine Units: Kuat Military Sublight Propulsion Engines, in a quad configuration at the back.

Hyperdrive Rating: Class 0.9 Main Hyperdrive, with Class 10 Backup.

Power Output: An output of 20 MV, with heavy shields

Shielding: Rendili/Vanjervalis energy and impact shields.

Hull: Titanium-reinforced plated durasteel armour.

Sensor Systems: The sensors are located at the nose of the ship.

Navigation systems: There is an on-board navigational computer that can be used by an organic, but there is also a terminal for astromech units.

Armament: Four front-facing electromagnetic plasma cannons on the front of the ship, a proton torpedo launcher on the bottom of the nose, a swivel laser cannon on the top of the ship, physical missile launchers on either sides of the ship, and a mine layer on the bottom of the bay. Offset on the right side of the ship is a long rail cannon, which fires slugs that penetrate though energy shields. This is hidden under a hatch for sneak attacks, since most starships don't have particle shielding. To balance the weight, the left side of the ship also features a hidden ion cannon, rounding off the arsenal to keep it well-balanced.

Complement: A custom speeder is in the bay of the ship, but nothing besides that.

Crew: Only one pilot is required, although an astromech droid is recommended.

Passengers: There is enough space for 4 passengers, and a small cell for a prisoner.

Cargo Capacity: 400 kilogrammes

Cargo Handling Systems: The crew have to do it themselves.

Consumables: Enough rations stored on board for one month of independent travel, as well as various emergency necessities such as beacons and blasters.

Communication Systems: There is a standard communications dish, as well as a HoloNet receiver.

Availability: Former military use, although it was decommissioned after the high price tag proved to be too much for the army.

Role(s): Atmospheric Bomber/Space Fighter/Gunship

Year Introduced: The first time it was introduced was 274, although there have been various updates.
Apparently somebody really needs a conclusion to my series, and so there will be more to come if I can find time to do it.

edit: Maybe a rewrite as well if I find time.
I might be getting a drawing tablet for Christmas, so I maaaaaay be posting some drawings. Don't hold your breaths.

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