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deviation in storage by nikobon


Thanks for the llama comrade
Sat Feb 22, 2014, 4:50 AM
Sun May 5, 2013, 6:27 PM
Wed May 1, 2013, 3:51 PM
Heya :wave:
Fri Nov 30, 2012, 8:03 PM
Shoutbox time!
Fri Nov 30, 2012, 8:02 PM


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Name: KyoJin Ghim

Nickname/Alias: Aya Vahl, Kyo, Toothy

Occupation: Jedi, former Mando; training under the Sith

Race/Species: Annoo-dat Prime

Current Age: 48

Gender: Female

Height: 8’6”

Weight: 550 pounds

Appearance: Standing at an intimidating 8’6”, she has a pelt of dark purple scales, which covers her entire body. She has four red eyes, and three pale scars that look like an animal’s scratch over her left two. She has the four arms that some of her people have, and usually keep the lower pair crossed across her chest. She has a big tattoo across her lower back of the traditional mythosaur sigil, and covers about half of her back. She has a long tail, which usually pokes out from underneath her robes, and is usually swinging from side to side slowly.…

Clothing: Her usual outfit consists of her durasteel armour, in the new segmented style of Mandalorian armour. Her chest and stomach are two pieces, while both the arms and legs consist of overlapping metal. In addition, her tail armour is also made in the same fashion, allowing for good flexibility. Her metal boots are made specially, to accommodate her paw shape. She has a special T-visor helmet that is modified for her unique skull shape, but she rarely wears it. The metal parts of her armour are oxidized to be green, reflecting the duty to her people that she always honours. Over her waist, she wears a red leather kama with black, downward-pointing swords, with two clips for her lightsabers.

Over her armour, she wears dark green robes which extend all the way to her wrists, and is open in the front. She has a hood that can hide her head in shadow, although she rather keep it down. She has simple, cotton robes, which usually hides her armour.

Equipment: She carries a standard comlink as well as computer on her arm, which she can control her ship from. She has a few detonators in a small bag in the back of her waist, along with two T-6 “Thunderer” heavy blasters. She also carries a bes’bev and a bevii’ragir, which serve as her less-lethal weapons.

Force Powers:

Knight Level:
Detoxify Poison
Electrical Judgement
Force Barrier
Force Healing
Tutaminis -very skilled

Apprentice Level:
Breath Control
Force Cloak
Force Grip
Force Lightning

Lightsaber Forms: She is trained to a small degree in all forms, but she mostly uses a combination of Form II and Form VII, using the raw power of Vaapad while combining it with the finesse of Makashi. In addition, she can switch her sabers between lightstaff form or normal form, making it quite confusing for enemies.

Lightsaber: She has two saberstaffs which are collapsible in the middle, which makes them easier to store. They are both made of beskar, shaped like two dragons curled around each other, with either mouth housing an emitter. Their eyes are inset with rubies, and both of them are force-activated, meaning that even if an unskilled opponent stole one from her, they would be unable to use it. Both of them have one black blade and one white blade, made of synthetic crystals.

Biography: She was born on Mandalore to two dark Jedi parents during a calm spring day. They were forced to abandon her at the age of three as they did not want her to be caught up in the battles between the Jedi and the Sith, and their current whereabouts are unknown. She doesn’t blame either of them, but does quite miss both of them. She was raised by a couple who were friends with her parents, who never disclosed her actual identity.

At around the age of 10, she fell in with a group of Mandalorian warriors, training and living with them. They trained her in the ways of the wild, including tracking, stealth, and hunting. It was also around this time that she found Darth Fluffles, a strill that stole her sandwich. They quickly became inseparable, and so her new strill pet began to follow her on all her adventures. They hunted and took mercenary jobs with the little band of Mandalorian warriors, until they were contracted to hunt a Jedi Knight. After the Jedi defended himself, defeating all of her comrades, he still took her to the temple as a new Jedi Apprentice.

She trained for many years as a Jedi Apprentice, eventually becoming a Padawan under a Jedi Knight. Bad luck struck as her Master protected her from a Sith, who took his life, but his sacrifice allowed her escape. With her next Master, she finally became a Jedi Knight, fulfilling all the requirements. She still considers herself a Mandalorian, and has done everything in her power to keep herself immersed in her culture.


Strengths: She excels at saber fighting, and uses a very dynamic style where she keeps on moving, unlike some of the other Jedi who are more patient and drag out the fight. In addition, she has preternatural strength, reflexes, and speed, as well as the ability to see into the infrared spectrum along with the ability to taste the air.

Weakness: With her rather dynamic and fast fighting style, she tires more easily than most Jedi, although her fighters are resolved much quicker than other Jedi’s fights. She tends to be rather devoted to her people, even above the Jedi due to the time spent with her merry band of Mandalorian mercenaries.

Personality: She is a very traditional person, and tries her best to follow the rules of her people. In addition, she places the value of life above all things, and tries her best to save as many lives as possible, often taking the peaceful path, much to the detriment of her health.

Ships: The Invictus- A battleworn Lethisk-class Armed Freighter that's also quite heavily modified. In addition to powering up the dual forward lasers, she also installed a ball turret at the top of the ship along with a hidden swivel laser under the chin. The hyperdrive has likewise been tuned to a class 0.9 drive. The concussive missile launcher has been augmented by proton torpedoes as well as a mine-layer in the back. The cargo bay has also been converted into a dojo, with smooth tatami mats on the ground and bamboo walls.
Profile pic was made through Rinmaru Games, if anyone was interested. Cause I can't draw...
I might be getting a drawing tablet for Christmas, so I maaaaaay be posting some drawings. Don't hold your breaths.


Apr 11, 2016
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Do you persons like the new look? 

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